BeFa Industrial Estate

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Management Team

BeFa Industrial Estate is lead by experts who are pushing the field forward everyday. On October 5, 2012, the Company, through Board of Committee Decree No. 001A / A.KA / X / 2012 has established an Audit Committee that assists the Board of Commissioners in performing their duties by providing professional opinions to the Board of Commissioners on reports submitted to the Board of Directors Commissioner, among them reviewing the financial statements, assessing the level of the Company’s compliance to laws and regulations in the field of capital markets as well as other legislations.

Board of Commissioners

Marzuki Usman

President Commissioner and Independent Commissioner Shareholding (%) : -

The Nicholas

Vice President Commissioner Shareholding (%) : -


Independent Commissioner Shareholding (%) : -

Wahyu Hidayat

Independent Commissioner Shareholding (%) : 0 %


Commissioner Shareholding (%) : -

Board of Directors

Yoshihiro Kobi

President Director Shareholding (%) : -

Leo Yulianto Sutedja

Vice President Director Shareholding (%) : -

Daishi Asano

Director Shareholding (%) : -

Wijaya Surya

Director Shareholding (%) : -

Swan Mie Rudy Tanardi

Director Shareholding (%) : -