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Our Corporate Secretary proactively nurtures good relationships with stakeholders

Corporate Secretary

At the end of June 2015, the Board of Directors appointed a Corporate Secretary, with functions and duties in accordance with FSA Regulation No. 35 / POJK.04 / 2014 on Corporate Secretary of Issuers or Public Companies.

The Corporate Secretary in collaboration with the Division of Corporate Law ensures that the Company complies with all laws and regulations related to capital markets. The Corporate Secretary acts as the contact person for the exchange of information with outside parties, especially the government, authorities in the capital markets, media and relevant stakeholders.

Legal Basis for Appointment and Term of Service of the Corporate Secretary

In accordance with Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 35 /POJK.04/2014 On Corporate Secretaries of Issuers or Public Companies and the Decree of the Board of Directors No. 005 / B / SK-CS / BFIE / VI / 2015 dated 29 June 2015, Herdian was appointed as Corporate Secretary of the Company replacing Widyawati, who was appointed by Decree of the Board of Directors dated 26 January 2015.


Herdian joined the Company in June 2015. On 29 June 2015, he was appointed as Corporate Secretary of the Company. Previously he was employed at MNC Corporation (PT MNC Investama Tbk.) in the Division of Corporate Finance, Investor Relations & Corporate Secretary (2008-2011), then joined in the Corporate Secretary Division of PT Indika Energy Tbk. as a Senior Manager (2011-2015). He graduated with a Bachelor of Corporate Management degree from the Faculty of Economics of Jayabaya University.

Duties and Responsibilities

As set forth in POJK Regulation 35, the duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Secretary are as follows:

  1. To follow the development of capital markets, especially prevailing Capital Market rules and regulations;
  2. To provide input to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of a Public Company to comply with the Capital Market rules and regulations;
  3. Assist the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners in the implementation of good corporate governance;
  4. As a liaison between the Issuer or Public Company and the shareholders of the Issuer or a Public Company, the Financial Services Authority, and other stakeholders.