BeFa Industrial Estate

Committed to Good Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of the Company was finalized and disseminated to employees of BEST in March 2017.

This code of conduct was formulated because the Company recognizes the role of human resources in supporting the Company with regard to these asepcts, thus ensuring that the Company’s business objectives will be achieved with good results. The Company viewers its human resources as its most important assets, requiring special attention. The Company views the compliance of employees with applicable laws and ethical with co-workers, third parties, and stakeholders as being very important.

These guidelines apply to all employees and management of the Company and its subsidiaries. Every superior shall ensure that his/her work colleagues or subordinates understand and comply with these guidelines and to implement them properly.

This Code of Conduct governs the relationship between employees and the Company, which guides positive employee and company behavior in terms of employment relationships, work relationships, and when the work is carried out.

The principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) applied within the Code of Conduct consists of two parts, namely:

  1. Cooperation with Customers, Suppliers and Other Business Partners
    1. The Company upholds the business ethics and competes in a healthy and fair manner with competitors. The main principle of the Company is to conduct healthy competition.
    2. The Company prohibits acts of internal corruption and bribery.
    3. Company employees are prohibited from illegally using the intellectual property rights of others.
    4. Relationships with Suppliers and Service Providers. The Company implements a procurement process that upholds the principles of openness, fairness and competitition that is free of conflicts of interest and always nurtures relationships based on professionalism, trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit in accordance with Company regulations.
    5. Relationships with Customers
      The Company strives to be the best choice for its customers. All business agreements are conducted fairly in accordance with company regulations based on equality and a professional attitude as well as best service, to create longterm relationships that are mutually beneficial for both parties, with emphasis on customer satisfaction.
    6. Relations with Mass Media
      The Company has established a harmonious relationship with the mass media as a means to maintain the company’s corporate image. This relationship is based on trust and openness with emphasis on the interests of the Company.
  2. Management and Employees
    1. Work ethics
      Obedient to the Law, the Company Regulations, Policies, Standard Operating Procedure ( “SOP”) and other matters specified by the Company with consequences.
    2. The Company respects human rights and seeks to provide equal employment opportunities without discrimination, both in communication and tolerance with equal opportunities.
    3. Avoidance of Conflict of Interest Conflicts of interests refer to differences in the economic interests of the Company and the personal economic interests of element of the Company that could harm the Company.
    4. Political activity
      The Company does not engage in political party activities, but the Company does not deter employees from taking part in political activities outside of working hours. Employees who are engaged in such activities are acting in his/her personal capacity as an individual and there is no conflict of interest with the Company.
    5. Religious Activities
      Each of the Company’s employees and management must uphold mutual religious tolerance such as respecting religious freedom and mutually respect of rights and obligations between religious communities.
    6. Protection of Asset
      Employees are required to maintain the Company’s assets.
    7. Use of Information
      Employees must keep the Company’s confidential information secret, such as technical information on products, marketing strategies, financial reports, and others.
    8. Information security
      Employees are not permitted to disseminate information that can be categorized as insult, abuse, pornography, and anything that may cause unrest.
    9. Insider Trading
      Employee/elements of the Company in possession of material or confidential information are prohibited from buying or selling securities (such as stocks, bonds, or derivatives thereof) of the Company, either directly or indirectly such as through family members or other people, or other entities.
    10. Health, Safety and Environment
      In carrying out its activities, the Company safeguards the environment and uses natural resources efficiently.