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Public Exposure

On June 10, 2015, the management of PT Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Tbk ("BEST") of the Public Expose explained its performance during 2014 as well as its projected and plans for 2015. BEST posted revenue of Rp 839.6 billion, approximately Rp 493.5 billion or 37.0% higher compared with its achievement in 2013. The decline in revenue was primarily caused by declining realization of industrial land sales in the midst of high uncertainty during 2014. With regard to presales of industrial land, in 2014 BEST booked 35.5 hectares, a significant decrease from its 2013 achievement of 60 hectares. Nevertheless, the average price improved from USD 172 per square meter in 2013 to USD 190 per square meter in 2014.

Entering 2015, BEST’s strategy is to stay focused on industrial land sales. In addition to targeting foreign markets, especially Japan, this year BEST is also targeting relocation of industries in the increasingly dense area of DKI Jakarta.

To strengthen its industrial land development business, in 2015 BEST will develop supporting facilities such as Standard Factory Buildings for rent. This facility, which was launched under the name of BM Rental Factory, was completed at the end of December. The BM Rental Factory factory targets small to medium scale foreign companies, especially Japanese ones, which are about to enter the Indonesian market.

Besides BM Rental Factory, this year BEST will also develop commercial facilities in the form of a hotel and rental office space. The Company believes that there is sufficient demand from MM2100 industrial estate holders for these services.