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GCG Award

On December 6, 2017, PT Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Tbk. has awarded the 9th IICD Corporate Governance Award as the Most Improved for Good Corporate Governance (GCG) practices and one of the Top 50 Issuers among companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

This award comprises acknowledgment from an Independent Board of our commitment to implementing GCG.

Chief Financial Officer of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Hoesen said the IICD Corporate Governance Award awards were very good for the Indonesian capital market in implementing Good Governance Coorporate.

"Therefore, to award winning companies, do not make the award as a measure of wealth but rather make the award a challenge," said Hoesen in the 9th IICD Corporate Governance Award ceremony at Hotel Pullman, Jakarta.

The IICD programs are supported by The World Bank, IFC, GCGF, CIPE, ADB and the FSA as part of improving Good Corporate Governance implementation in Indonesia.